Home is where…… Well, where EVERYTHING is these days.

Almost every aspect of life has changed over the past month. There is no more commuting to work, shuffling your kids to and from school or cheering them on at sports practice.  There are no more date nights or nights out with friends at your favorite corner spot for a bite to eat or a drink. You’ve become a captive in the one place you used to go to for comfort. Your home used to be the place you relaxed in at the end of the night, where you used to unwind after a long day at work, of travel, of being out and about. Now home is……. Everything. Home is your office.   Home is your gym. Home is your child's school. Home is your movie theater, restaurant and bar. Since the definition of home has changed, your way to approach your day, career and family has as well.   

This is a very confusing time for everyone. That is why I put together this short video to help you slow down and think about what your unmet needs are and where your boundaries lie. What worked for you before, won’t necessarily work for you today with your family, community and colleagues. We need to learn how to articulate what we need and what will work for you now - and what won’t. Open communication in all areas of your life is key in this new normal.  

To tap into your needs ask yourself “What do I need right now?” and then give to yourself. And be generous to ask others the same and encourage them to get their needs met.

Some tips in understanding your boundaries and how to articulate them are:

  • What am I okay with?

  • How can I make this clear to others?

  • What will I do if the boundary I set isn’t maintained? 

It will be awhile before our world returns to normal.  We need to adapt to the changes so we can create a new normal, where we can not only survive, but thrive.  When we make it out the other side, we will be stronger, wiser and more adaptable.

Stay healthy…. And happy. 


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