The PILOT Team

Meet our Founder

Ben Brooks: Founder & CEO

Inspired by his successful coaching practice, Ben saw an opportunity to democratize coaching and founded PILOT.

Ben held leadership roles at Lockheed Martin, Oliver Wyman, and Marsh & McLennan Companies. He was named a rising star by HR Executive Magazine and one of HR Tech’s top 100 influencers.

In the community, Ben served on the board of OutServe-SLDN, which spearheaded the effort to end the Department of Defense's discriminatory “Don't Ask, Don't Tell” policy and co-founded the LGBT resource group at his management consulting firm.

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Courtney Broderick - Strategic Account Executive

Crew Member Spotlight

“Her public championing of others and ability to make customer meetings a fresh and fun experience showcase her vibrant and inventive spirit.”

— Beth McDonnell, Customer Success Manager

Our Team

  • Photo of Amy Shade

    Amy Shade - Director of Product & Delivery

    Amy works to translate PILOT's vision into the creation of innovative and engaging technology to make coaching more inclusive and equitable for everyone. When she’s not working on PILOT, Amy is the manager of one very chaotic but fun household as a mom to two very energetic kids and wife to a wonderful husband. LinkedIn

  • Photo of Rachel Crice

    Rachel Crice - Director of Product Delivery

    Rachel is the engine for Product & Delivery where she drives the creation of impactful coaching products. She works closely with our members to energize and challenge them while finding inventive ways to meet our HR customers' needs for scalable employee development with proven results. LinkedIn

  • Photo of Beth Gatsik

    Beth Gatsik - Executive Assistant to the CEO

    Beth is a seasoned Executive Assistant who works collaboratively with the CEO to organize resources and support the day to day administrative and operational functions of PILOT. When not working, you can find her hiking the Hudson Valley, going to concerts, and spending time with friends and family. LinkedIn

  • Photo of Corey

    Corey Ann Seldon - Director of Customer Success

    Corey Ann Seldon works closely with the innovative PILOT customers to achieve and exceed their objectives while they empower their employees and drive organizational change. She's obsessed with intentional leadership, dynamic facilitation, and creative problem-solving. LinkedIn

  • Photo of Jeff

    Jeff Walburg - Strategic Account Executive

    Jeff works alongside organizations to connect their unique objectives and challenges to PILOT’s solutions. His expertise in talent development, enterprise sales, and go-to-market strategy helps consistently deliver value to PILOT clients and prospective customers. LinkedIn

  • Photo of Courtney

    Courtney Broderick - Strategic Account Executive

    Courtney is deeply passionate about democratizing opportunity while helping businesses solve big challenges, with stints at Indeed, LinkedIn and Handshake. She believes we are facing a crisis in leadership and development, and brings a unique perspective from her 15 years of experience with HR, DEI and learning leaders into her role with PILOT. Fun fact: she is a former stiletto-wearing city dweller, now living on 7 acres in the country with rescue dogs, chickens, and someday hopefully goats. LinkedIn

  • Photo of Damian

    Damian Wisniewski - Head of Sales & Marketing

    Damian heads up Sales & Marketing for PILOT. He loves helping companies unleash their potential by building sustainable and scalable GTM practices. LinkedIn

  • Photo of Rosie

    Rosie Sevilla - Product & Delivery Coordinator

    Rosie is our dedicated Product Delivery Coordinator at PILOT. Responsible for delivering our powerful career development program, Rosie ensures a seamless journey for members from onboarding to program completion. Beyond work, she's on a culinary adventure, jet-setting to new destinations, crafting clay masterpieces, and dominating trivia nights. LinkedIn

  • Photo of Alyson

    Alyson Rinaldi - Product & Delivery Coordinator

    Alyson strives to ensure that access to PILOT's career development program is fast, easy, and reliable for our members. She is ever-inspired by PILOT members as they learn to advocate for themselves and take control of the trajectory of their careers and their lives. LinkedIn

  • Claire Lumbang

    Claire Lumbang -Product & Delivery Coordinator

    Claire helps others bring their vibrant selves to any space. She is an experienced program manager, leadership and negotiation coach, and small business owner. Outside of work, she is passionate about uplifting Filipino food through her pop-up in the Bay Area. She loves spoiling her two cats, spending time by water, practicing yoga, and knitting. LinkedIn

  • Photo of Admira

    Admira Adovic - Chief Financial Officer

    Admira grew up in a family of entrepreneurs where she developed a passion for understanding the whys in business. She is now an accounting and finance professional with over 10 years of experience. In her free time, she loves to be outdoors, capturing nature’s beauty with her camera. LinkedIn

  • Photo of Galina

    Galina Antonova - Staff Accountant

    Galina is a skilled accounting professional with a degree in Accounting and Finance from Brooklyn College. Galina is passionate about organizing data and presenting it in a meaningful way. Outside of work, she enjoys outdoor activities such as biking and kayaking. LinkedIn

  • Photo of Korey

    Korey Rich - Social Media Consultant

    Korey is a brand and marketing specialist from Richmond, VA with a knack for the digital space. When she’s not running after her two toddlers, she’s keeping up with ever-changing social trends and marketing tactics with the goal of connecting people to organizations they’ll love. LinkedIn

  • Aaron Marks - Marketing Consultant

    Aaron has nearly 20 years in B2B Marketing, RevOps, and Marketing Ops leadership. He's a HubSpot expert who believes deeply in marketing that's based off of a deep customer understanding and adds enormous value for customers. LinkedIn

  • Photo of Alistair

    Alistair Marshall - Coach

    Alistair is a certified in the Co-Active Coach via the Coach Training Institute (CTI) and combines these philosophies with over 15 years of executive experience. In addition to coaching, Alistair has held senior leadership roles within the retail industry in both the USA and UK. LinkedIn

  • Photo of Lisa

    Lisa Lindsey - Coach

    Lisa is an executive coach and HR consultant. She specializes in leadership and employee development, as well as culture building. Coupled with a practical approach to leadership and an understanding of human behavior, she helps people gain clarity and build capabilities for meaningful growth. LinkedIn

  • Photo of Ayana

    Ayana Coston - Coach

    Ayana is a ICF Professional Certified Coach (PCC) via the Coach Training Institute (CTI). She is an HR professional with 20+ years of experience in diverse roles in talent development and leadership coaching. She ensures people feel included on the most sensitive and important topics, from politics to gender and race. LinkedIn

  • Photo of Yassir

    Yassir Islam - Coach

    As a certified Co-Active Coach via the Coach Training Institute (CTI), Yassir connects people to their innermost purpose so they can lead more powerfully and have more impact in the world. He brings communications experience to help create clarity, shift mindsets, and translate insights into action. LinkedIn

  • Photo of Matt

    Matt Corker - Coach

    Matt is an impact-oriented executive with a track record of transforming business operations and people. He holds an MBA from the Copenhagen Business School, is a dynamic Integral Coach having coached hundreds of executives and teams, and loves being outside with his son and the love of his life. LinkedIn

  • Photo of Peggy

    Peggy Sousa - Coach

    After many successful corporate roles, Peggy decided to focus her next career stage on the professional growth of others. She is a Columbia University Certified Executive Coach and an ICF Certified Coach with a broad range of Fortune 100 business knowledge. Peggy utilizes coaching to bring people to their next level of professional excellence. LinkedIn

  • Photo of Heather

    Heather Symone - Coach

    Heather is an ICF Associate Certified Coach (ACC) via the Coaches Training Institute (CTI) and an ESL educator. She has studied Relationship Systems Coaching and enjoys helping people strengthen their social and emotional gifts. Her coaching style is warm, celebratory, and curious. LinkedIn

  • Photo of Tanaya

    Tanaya Acharekar - Coach

    Tanaya has been in the field of Development and Education for the last 13+ years. She has crafted and delivered hundreds of sessions, created online courses, and written and published research papers. Tanaya has ICF and PCC coaching certifications and helps professionals resolve career dilemmas. LinkedIn

  • Photo of Laura

    Laura Rae Meverden - Producer

    Laura is a seasoned Leadership Development professional with over 25 years of coaching and teaching experience, and her Doctorate in Organizational Leadership and Educational Technology. Laura lives in Neenah, Wisconsin with her husband, two boys, and Umbrella Cockatoo. LinkedIn

  • Photo of Quchee

    Quchee Collins - Producer

    Over the course of his 16-year career in law enforcement, Quchee has attained extensive experience in recruitment, training, professional development and policy development. He has been responsible for the development of a Criminal Justice Academy dedicated to training NYC law enforcement agencies. LinkedIn

  • Photo of Laura

    Laura Mastrorocco - Producer & Webinar Coordinator

    Laura ensures that everyone feels comfortable and confident in virtual spaces so that they can maximize learning. She brings a sense of calm into the learning environment that she leverages from her yoga training. Laura lives outside of Pittsburgh, PA where she enjoys hiking, mountain biking, and gourmet cooking. LinkedIn

  • Photo of Julien

    Julien St-Hilaire - Producer

    Julien has contributed to the success of several thousands of Virtual Trainings & Events in his career. Having evolved in the events production industry, he carries extensive technical skills that translate perfectly to the virtual events world. LinkedIn

  • Photo of Jacqueline

    Jacqueline Ferras - Producer

    Jacqueline has 25+ years of training experience. She creates successful and secure environments for facilitators and participants as a trainer, producer, event coordinator and designer. As a Learning professional, she actively Produces online sessions using all virtual training technologies. LinkedIn

  • Photo of Helen

    Helen Fong - Producer

    Helen has 20+ years of experience in managing and delivering virtual learning experiences. Her understanding of virtual synchronous tools, ability to read the virtual room, and manage the technical aspects of the sessions enable participants to have a powerful learning experience. LinkedIn

  • Photo of Azure

    Azure Rooths - Producer

    With 20+ years of experience in coaching and development, Azure has been described as a thoughtful leader who finds joy when lives are transformed. She and her husband have found immense joy leading a group home, teaching self-parenting and resilience to 35 adjudicated youth. LinkedIn

  • Photo of Grace

    Grace Cook - Host

    Grace has over 20 years of experience in marketing, partnerships and sales, specifically in the HR space. She is well versed in the HR space having run Disrupt HR NYC for 3 years where she met many HR professionals and heard their stories. LinkedIn

  • Photo of Dana

    Dana Regan - Host

    Dana is a professional certified Somatic Life Coach (PCC) and founder of the Somatic Soul Coach™ school. She brings 15+ years of experience working with clients. Dana partners with individuals and organizations to develop internal resources that unleash potential. LinkedIn

  • Photo of Janeesha

    Janeesha Jones - Host

    Janeesha is an expert with years of experience in helping others develop emotional intelligence and promoting DEI and accessibility (DEIA) in both personal and professional settings. She holds an ALA certification as a professional listener. LinkedIn

  • Photo of Bola

    Bola Akinola - Producer

    Bola has certifications in 360 leadership development, principles and practices in Organizational Development and her SHRM -CP. She is particularly motivated by leadership development, coaching, mentoring relationships and helping people find the value they bring to and can get from their daily work lives. LinkedIn

  • Pinar O'Flaherty - Instructional Designer

    Pinar is an expert in designing, delivering, and facilitating impactful programs. She has been developing and delivering training for over 20 years, working across many different types of teams and industries. She has a passion for learning paired with a strong belief in using needs-based design. LinkedIn

  • Photo of Kat

    Kat Walsh - Consultant

    Kat is the VP of Learning & Development for City Year. She has taught elementary school and trained new teachers. She focuses on servant leadership and has spent her career empowering others. Kat is passionate about increasing efficiency and her love of learning has served her well as she’s learned to become a mom. LinkedIn

  • Photo of Kut

    Kut Akdogan - Strategist

    Kut is a partner at Gaussian, a tech holding company that builds, invests in, and consults with nimble B2B companies, focusing on profitability. He's founded and advised companies across medtech, AI, worktech, robotics, SaaS, industrials, retail, entertainment, and hard goods. LinkedIn

  • Photo of Eliza

    Eliza Connor - Consultant

    Eliza is a certified leadership coach with 10+ years of experience working with individuals, teams and organizations. As a Learning & Leadership partner at lululemon and a consultant for startups, Eliza integrates organizational purpose & values with behavior-based results to help create lasting and insightful learning experiences. LinkedIn

  • Photo of Ty

    Ty Walrod - Advisor

    Ty is the Managing Member of Denali Summit Partners, which supports visionary, early-stage entrepreneurs. He previously co-founded Bright Funds, a B2B SaaS platform for corporate philanthropy, and OutServe, a national nonprofit that played a material role in bringing an end to “Don't Ask, Don’t Tell.” LinkedIn

  • Photo of Joshua

    Joshua Spiegel - Legal Counsel

    Joshua J. Spiegel, Esq., is an attorney and co-founder of Horzepa Spiegel & Associates, P.C., a boutique law firm specializing in business services for entrepreneurs, start-ups and early stage companies. He has extensive experience in corporate transactions, employment, and intellectual property. LinkedIn