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The Basics

What is PILOT?

PILOT is a comprehensive six month emerging leader development program.


PILOT empowers employees to advocate for their own success and take charge of their careers.

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We have lots of articles to help you learn more about employee development, how to roll out DEI initiatives that actually move the needle, and what group coaching really means.

The Elements of PILOT

Group Coaching

Employees growing together for 6 months with the guidance of certified coaches.

Executive Fireside Chats

Enroll your organization’s leaders in structured scaled mentoring that fosters your organization’s values.

1:1 Manager Feedback

Managers are coached and provide feedback to employees about their future potential.

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We’re happy to take the time to learn about your organization and help you determine whether PILOT would fit your team’s needs.

Everything You Need


We get things off to a strong start by helping you choose program participants, defining the schedule up front, and identifying success criteria.

Ongoing Support

PILOT is built by HR professionals, so we provide everything you need to deliver a top-notch development experience without requiring extra hands to do it.


We measure before, during, and after the program, to provide critical qualitative and quantitative data that will help you track success.

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