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PILOT's Software Uses Employee-centric Coaching to Activate Employees to Make Work More Satisfying 

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Weekly Career Advancement

• Stimulate employee initiative  

• Make each week count  

• Establish a growth mindset 

Employee-Powered Methodology.png

Employee-Powered Methodology

• Activates meaningful change  

• Personalized by aspirations

• Provides accountability and recognition

Millennial-Ready Experience.png

Millennial-Ready Experience 

• Stackable and focused

• Mobile-enabled                        

• On-demand

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Quick & Easy Setup

 • Turnkey implementation

 • No complex IT integration  

• We help you select  employees

Expanded Access To Coaching

• 96% cheaper        

• Provides coaching early

• Distributed workforce inclusive

Smart Simple Analytics.png

Smart, Simple Analytics

• Right to your email  

• Measure coaching impact

• New employee insights

Weekly Coaching Activities

Members spend 10-15 minutes per week advancing their own careers through mobile-enabled activities.

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Monthly Live-Video Group Coaching

Members get energized and empowered with powerful group coaching (recorded for those who miss it).

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Aggregated Analytics for Management

Member info is confidential while insights from coaching, including participation, is easily aggregated and shared.