Being A Good Manager Is A Noble Pursuit

The Very Definition of What it Means to Be A Manager Is Changing…  What made you a great manager a month ago, will not do the same today.   Everyone - no matter what your position in a company is - is learning how to do their job another way.   You constantly hear “We Are All In This Together” and we truly are. To help support the Managers that I work with, I put together a brief 3 minute video to share some tips that can help them be an effective manager for their employees.  This resonated with so many, that I decided to share this with everyone - whether a customer of PILOT or not - we are happy to help all businesses in any way we can. Eight simple steps, ranging from empathy, agility, lowering expectations and celebrating small wins, can make a world of difference to your employees - both personally and professionally. 

Have Empathy - give people space for their personal situations

  • Give Clear Direction - be clear about exactly what you want and how you want it

  • Celebrate - the smallest wins make the biggest difference

  • Lower Expectations - prioritize more and pick the most important things you need done

  • Descope - make things less complex

  • Limit Meetings - people need time to do deep work and focus

  • Embrace Agility - things are going to change a lot so go with it

  • Show Employees that you care - people will remember who you were in this moment

    This is an important time where you can affect the quality of someone's life right now!  So, spend three minutes to see a few simple ways to go from a good manager to a great one in this new and changing world.


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