New at PILOT: Generate Excitement with a Co-Branded Landing Page

Introducing the new and improved PILOT Member Sign Up - everything you need to get your employees onboarded to their PILOT cohort and excited about the journey ahead. We know that generating excitement at the start creates momentum and leads to more successful learning programs.

PILOT does the heavy lifting handing logistics with a simple, exciting and engaging sign up process while you can put your strategic hat on.

A website where participants go to sign up for PILOT with program manager's headshot, company logo and custom messaging from the customer.

What’s New?

  • Beautifully designed, custom sign up page with your headshot, company logo and communication to your employees.

  • Program Overview that informs and aligns employees on what they are signing up for and what they will get out of PILOT.

  • Countdown timer to final date to sign up to create urgency & excitement.

  • Guided Sign Up Wizard that gives your employees a first-class, supportive onboarding process.

  • Immediate email communication to your employees upon signing up, confirms that they have claimed their seat in the cohort.


New at PILOT: A Powerful Launch


The Launch of our Scaled Mentorship Program