What's Your Excuse?


"Is it really worth 149 bucks?"

What would it be worth to you to be more satisfied at work?

  • Accomplish with the The Job Renovatorwhat you would for more than $1,000 with a career coach.

  • Save your money to invest in the solutions. 


"Shouldn't my company pay for this?"

How much was your bar tab the last time you "needed" a drink after work?

  • 6.6% of full-time employees report drinking five or more drinks a day, five or more days a week.
  • Compare how much you spend trying to feel better against how much you spend trying to be better. 

"How much can I really figure out in an hour and a half?"

When was the last time you spent 90 minutes of structured and focused time thinking about your career?

  • The Job Renovatorconcentrated design will deliver impact without the slog and suffering.
  • Spend time with your blueprint to begin commanding your career. 

"Don't I need an advisor to tell me what to do?"

Who knows more about your situation than you? 

  • The Job Renovatorwill help you take responsibility for problem areas in your career and help you assess the possible solutions.
  • The upside of taking responsibility is feeling powerful. 

"Can't I get this content online for free?"

When was the last time a blog post changed your life? 

  • Generic advice won't get you into action to produce results.
  • Save your leisure reading for restaurant tips and celebrity gossip.