Frequently Asked Questions - Tech

What information does PILOT gather from my organization?

All PILOT needs from your company is simply:

  • Employee Name

  • Employee Email Address

  • Employee Mobile Phone Number

We don't collect any PII like gender, performance rating, salary, etc. 

How do employees at my company access PILOT?

Our coaching is offered through a few web-based commercial services. We are a bit "post-platform" in that we don't require members to come to our portal, rather we go to them.

Each week, employees will get an email and text message with a link to that week's coaching activity. They can access this on any device, at any time, through any current web browser. No software to download.

For the live video coaching sessions, we leverage BlueJeans, which can also be accessed from any kind of device, both through their web interface or through their downloadable software. 

How will I know that PILOT technology is compatible with my organization?

Before kickoff we do like to do a brief call to ensure that all of the services we use work properly in your IT environment, as well as whitelisting our email domain. This is quick/easy and ensures a flawless end user experience. 

For further instructions on whitelisting PILOT’s domain, please see our Whitelisting page.