The PILOT Product Advisory Council is an opportunity to enhance your own professional brand while playing an influential role in the product design of our tech-based professional development solutions. 

What Is Your Role?

  • As a company obsessed with making an impact in people’s careers, you will be a regular source of feedback to ensure the PILOT experience is meaningful and relevant to people of varied backgrounds, job titles, etc. 
  • Offer ideas, insights, or feedback on both specific features and the experience as a whole. We are a nimble company and eager to learn how we can better empower our members (end users).

What's In It For You?

  • Complimentary Career Content (books, audio, online classes): If you are interested in PILOT, you are probably always seeking to make your career even better. Instead of offering cash compensation, we want to offer something more meaningful. Ever so often, you will be receive a career related gift such as a book given you have participated in most of the testing activities for the preceding month. 
  • Additional Career Experience: It is no secret that successful people regularly sit on the boards of other organizations. As a member of our Product Advisory Council, you will not only be a tester, but a true agent of change within PILOT, which is something you can put on your LinkedIn. We are also willing to offer recommendations on LinkedIn once you have proven your ability to provide great feedback. 

What Kind of Time Commitment Does This Involve? 

30 minutes upfront and approximately 20-30 minutes per test

  • On-Boarding (30 minutes): To make sure you are experiencing the product as a true PILOT member would, we ask that you attend a brief conference callto ensure you fully understand how the offering and how the experience works (of course, this may change in the future). 
  • Exercises (15 minutes or less): 2-4 times a month, we will be testing features that are in the form of weekly coaching exercises. They are designed to take 15 minutes or less to complete. 
  • Feedback Questionnaire (5 minutes or less): After you complete your testing of the feature, we want to gather your feedback on the experience. You can complete this survey on your phone or the device of your choice usually within 5 minutes or less


How Do I Start, You Ask? 

Simply fill out the questionnaire below (3 minutes) and we will follow up with some next steps. 


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