How The Job Renovator Works


Your Plan To Be Happy At Work

The Job Renovator puts you in control of finding more happiness at work. To do so, you'll need a plan of action.  

When you complete The Job Renovator, you'll unlock a customized Blueprint that is your map, and scoreboard, for doing the things you've committed to. 

When's the last time you had a personalized, written plan for any part of your life, let alone a beautifully formatted one?

Don't Take Our Word For It

Having known and benefited from Ben’s advice about my career for years, I was thrilled to see him and his team develop The Job Renovator. I bought it for my entire team and it has been an incredible way for my staff to find more satisfaction at work.
— Tony Osborn, Vice President of Employee Communications Practice at MSLGroup
If Tinder is to find you a new mate, we’re more like marriage counseling.
— As seen in, "This Startup Wants Millennials to Stop Job Hopping"

Be Happier Without Leaving Your Employer

Learn how The Job Renovator will give you specific insights into why you may be unhappy at work and activate you to improve your career.