What You Might Be Dealing With

People are dropping like flies

Problem: You notice what seems like a mass exodus of employees. Is there a fire somewhere?

Impact: These exits are causing a major threat to you being able to meet financial forecasts, deliver quality service and engage your remaining staff. 

Typical (Ineffective) Reaction: Panic! You apply desperate band-aids like hosting pizza lunches, motivational speakers, free booze events and sending out strategy memos. 


It's a nightmare when people quit

Problem: Someone leaves and you immediately know the complete nightmare that ensues to find a replacement.

Impact: Long-lead times and expenses to source, vet, hire and on-board replacement staff means lost opportunities, overtaxing remaining talent, and slowing down your operations.

Typical (Ineffective) Reaction: You avoid giving meaningful feedback, have low standards for performance, let bad behavior slide, counter offer no matter what, and avoid “rocking the boat” in any way. You need people to stay.

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Competitors are prowling

Problem: You are feeling the heat of competitors constantly trying to poach your people.

Impact: There's a level of uncertainty and anxiety that significant staff could disappear at any time and it impacts the ability to deliver.

Typical (Ineffective) Reaction: You start awkwardly boosting morale through team outings, give across the board raises, promote people too soon, and become held hostage by employee demands.