Frequently Asked Questions


What is it?  

Can you describe PILOT in a couple sentences? 

PILOT is an innovative career improvement company revolutionizing the way individuals command their careers. With leading advice and resources that were previously only available through expensive one-on-one career coaches or control-focused HR departments, PILOT combines an easy-to-use technology platform with focused, real-world advice that empowers individuals to take control of their professional success. 


Is it an app?

PILOT’s products are not mobile apps. They are best experienced on your desktop or laptop computers. This isn’t because we don’t want you thinking about your career while you’re on the go, but because we want you to devote time to think thoughtfully about your career. In our first product, The Job Renovator, you’ll schedule time on your calendar to experience the product the same way you would with a real life career coach. 


Is it subscription based?

Since we are a new company we want to enable our customers to make quick decisions to get started in improving their careers. Our products, for the moment, are a la carte. If you have suggestions for what a subscription might look like, tell us!


Will I talk to a career coach through PILOT?

Not exactly. PILOT combines an easy-to-use technology platform with relevant and actionable, real-world advice that provides the benefits of individual career coaching sessions, on-demand and for a fraction of the price. PILOT helps you better understand your current situation and propels you to take action. Our founder Ben Brooks, an expert in professional development and career improvement, shares coaching advice in videos and audio clips throughout our first product, The Job Renovator℠. He’ll guide you through the experience to make sure you maximize your time and investment. 


How much does it cost? 

You can buy our first product, The Job Renovator, for a one-time fee of $149. That gets you access to our five step process guided by our founder Ben Brooks to assess just how satisfied you are at work. As a takeaway, you’ll receive a customized blueprint with solutions to address what about your job drives you crazy. The one-time fee includes a 45 day reassessment phase, during which we’ll be your accountability partner in making sure you take action on your blueprint and provide helpful tips on how to improve your job satisfaction along the way. 


How many sessions with a career coach would this take? 

Accomplish with The Job Renovator℠ what you would would cost you at least $1,000 and multiple sessions with a traditional career coach. The product's concentrated design will deliver impact without the slog, leaving you with extra time and money to take action in improving your career. 


When does the next product come out? 

Soon! Our first priority is continuing to improve the Job Renovator so we truly crack the code in meeting our customers needs, and find product-market fit for our business. Future products will be shaped by the ideas and feedback of our customers. Tell us  which career situation you would like PILOT to help guide you with. And don’t forget to join our e-mail list (at the bottom of this page) to stay informed on new product launches. 


Who is it for? 

Am I the right customer?

If you aspire to be, do, and have more in your career, PILOT is for you. Our customers are motivated to command their careers by being responsible and take real and meaningful action, rather than pass blame for their unsatisfying situation. 


Why is PILOT not industry specific? 

PILOT helps you get in the right mindset to command your career and take action toward your professional goals, no matter what industry you’re in. Based on what we've learned from our customers they know their industries well and need to pull up and be more strategic about their careers in a broad sense. Plus, as our economy evolves the definition of what an industry is can be hard to frame (e.g. Is Uber technology, transportation, service, or franchise?). Our products put you in control, with our guidance, to customize an action plan that works for you.  


Would my team benefit from your products?

Good question! While PILOT's first priority is creating consumer-grade career solutions that are inspired, capable, and confident, we've already been seeing demand for our products to be used across teams. Buying and using the product for an entire group can be a cost-effective and engaging experience, that creates a common framework and language for career advancement. We do offer volume discounts for teams of 5 or more, so give us a shout at to find out more.


Why should I listen? 

Who is Ben Brooks?

Ben Brooks is PILOT’s founder & CEO. He created PILOT because he found very limited access to real-world solutions for real important problems in his career. Ben noticed that in many conversations frustration with careers was a common topic that seemed to be a universal challenge. He designed PILOT to democratize private career coaching sessions by providing quality, on-demand advice and resources at an affordable cost. 


Is Ben a credible expert? 

Ben is an expert in professional development and career improvement, with over 13 years in senior management and human resources positions. After holding a number of executive leadership roles at Lockheed Martin, Oliver Wyman, and March & McLennan Companies, Ben decided to utilize his professional development experience and start his own career and executive coaching firm in 2013. Ben was previously named an “HR Rising Star” by HR Executive Magazine and is a frequent speaker at leading Human Resources and executive conferences. 


What is this based on? 

According to Gallup, 52% or Americans are unhappy at work, while a staggering 70% “hate” their current jobs. Additionally, a report from the U.S. Department of Labor cites that the median tenure of Millennial works is only three years — less than a third of the tenure among their Baby Boomer co-workers. PILOT was designed to address the underlying issues that cause this widespread dissatisfaction and job-hopping culture in the American workplace by putting the employee at the center of the solution, not companies or managers. And macro-labor market changes indicate that more frequent job-switching is here to stay so employees must take greater ownership of their own personal development. 


The Job Renovator

What do you get for $149? 

PILOT’s first product is The Job Renovator, a five step process designed to help you understand just how satisfied you are at work and develop a plan of action to address what about your job drives you crazy. 


How long does it take to complete? 

We suggest scheduling yourself 90 minutes to complete The Job Renovator℠. In that time, videos and audio recordings of our founder Ben Brooks will take you through a five step assessment to understand just how satisfied you are at work. He’ll guide you in building a blueprint to address problem areas in your job. After that 90 minute experience, we’ll stay in touch with tips on how to implement your blueprint and in 45 days reassess how you’re doing.  


What’s the point of the blueprint? 

Throughout the 90 minute experience, we’ll guide you in creating your own blueprint to increase your job satisfaction. Think of it as a map to take action on specific issues you need to address in order to renovate your job. 


Is The Job Renovator right for freelancers or entrepreneurs? 

Potentially. If you're a one-wo/man show not working with a team, The Job Renovator may not be as relevant. However, if you freelance or are an entrepreneur in the context of a team-based work environment, it may be right for you. The Job Renovator puts you in control to build a blueprint that works for you, no matter what your job title or industry is. 


Can I leave the product and come back? 

We recommend you schedule 90 minutes of uninterrupted time to focus on improving your job satisfaction with The Job Renovator. We even have breaks built right in. If you need to stop before finishing, you can sign back in


Should I hide the product from my boss? 

You know the answer to this better than anyone else (based on the many variables of your employment and manager situation), but we think that by purchasing The Job Renovator you’re committed to staying in your job, improving your satisfaction, and becoming a happier and therefore more productive team member. It may make sense to sit down with your manager after you've completed your blueprint and enlist them in helping you find more satisfaction at work.


Work With Us

How do I give feedback?

Tell us how we’re doing. As a new and lean startup, we’re constantly looking for ways we can make your experience more relevant and more meaningful to your career. Our commitment is that you experience PILOT as inspired, capable, and confident. If you have feedback, we’re all ears


How do I suggest a future product? 

We want to hear your ideas. Have a career situation you would like PILOT to help guide you with? Tell us. Have a professional goal or challenge you’re facing at work? Tell us. Want to get involved as we create and test future products? Tell us. While we don't provide situational or individual career coaching services, better understanding the real-world challenges and goals of our customers helps us create more relevant products. 


Are you hiring?

We’re always on the lookout for talented individuals to help grow our company and make our products and services better. Show us what you’ve got.


Are you looking for investors? 

Maybe. Ben believed in the market need for career advice and in PILOT's approach that he bankrolled 100% of the cost to launch the company and develop the Job Renovator. As we learn more about our customer we may want to more aggressively scale to have greater impact in their career advancement. If PILOT resonates with you and you are interested in investing, e-mail our founder & CEO


Are you open to partnership and affiliate marketing opportunities?

Always! If you’ve got an idea on how we can work together to help our customers command their careers, let’s talk. Contact Benjamin Peryer on the PILOT team to get the conversation going. 


Does Ben Brooks give speeches or workshops?

Absolutely. Ben loves speaking and leading workshops! (And he’s dang good at it!) Meeting with career professionals offline allows him and PILOT to keep a pulse on the current needs of our customers. Consider bringing Ben into your next event, conference, or offsite to energize and activate your audience. Contact Benjamin Peryer.