Frequently Asked Questions


What is it?  

Can you describe PILOT in a couple sentences? 

PILOT is an innovative career improvement company revolutionizing the way individuals command their careers. With leading advice and resources that were previously only available through expensive one-on-one career coaches or control-focused HR departments, PILOT combines an easy-to-use technology platform with focused, real-world advice that empowers individuals to take control of their professional success. 


Is it an app?

PILOT is not a mobile app but is an engaging digital experience. Some content is accessible on a mobile phone and other content is best experienced on your desktop or laptop computer.


Will I talk to a career coach through PILOT?

Not exactly. PILOT combines an easy-to-use technology platform and digital experience with relevant and actionable, real-world advice that provides the benefits of individual career coaching sessions, on-demand and for a fraction of the price. PILOT helps you better understand your current situation and propels you to take action.


How is the information my team and I share with PILOT protected? 

We take data security seriously at PILOT.  We are committed to respecting and protecting the privacy of our website visitors, customers and partners.  Our web application includes SSL encryption to keep your data safe and our databases are always up to date with the latest security patches. Click here to view our Privacy Policy where we provide more information on when and why we collect your personal information, how we use it, the limited conditions under which we may disclose it to others and how we keep it secure.


Who is it for? 

Am I the right customer?

If you aspire to be, do, and have more in your career, PILOT is for you. Our customers are motivated to command their careers by being responsible and take real and meaningful action, rather than pass blame for their unsatisfying situation. 


Does PILOT specialize in specific industries? 

PILOT works with a wide range of salaried employees who are interested in the overarching strategy of their careers. We've had the pleasure of serving companies in industries including automotive, banking, tech, insurance, non-profit, and healthcare. 


What type of employees should I invite to participate?

PILOT for your team is designed to assist your team members in uncovering what drives their happiness at work and assist them in creating an actionable plan to making changes. Including your entire team in the exercise will be most valuable to you and your team members. The content is designed for all levels of an organization and can benefit all types of roles. 


If I'm the manager, should I participate with my team?

Yes. You and your team will benefit the most if you participate and create your own action plan. Setting an example for your team members and even sharing your own action plan will be a motivating factor in helping them to feel comfortable completing the tool, creating and implementing their own action plans. 



Who is Ben Brooks?

Ben Brooks is PILOT’s founder & CEO. He created PILOT because he found very limited access to real-world solutions for real important problems in his career. Ben noticed that in many conversations frustration with careers was a common topic that seemed to be a universal challenge. He designed PILOT to democratize private career coaching sessions by providing quality, on-demand advice and resources at an affordable cost. 


What is Ben's Background? 

Ben is an expert in professional development and career improvement with over 13 years in senior management and human resources positions. After holding a number of executive leadership roles at Lockheed Martin, Oliver Wyman, and March & McLennan Companies, Ben decided to utilize his professional development experience and start his own career and executive coaching firm in 2013. Ben was previously named an “HR Rising Star” by HR Executive Magazine and is a frequent speaker at leading Human Resources and executive conferences. 


Why was PILOT founded? 

Check out more about PILOT in the Our Story section of our site. According to Gallup, 52% of Americans are disengaged at work, while a staggering 18% are actively disengaged in their current jobs. Additionally, a report from the U.S. Department of Labor cites that the median tenure of Millennial workers is only three years — less than a third of the tenure among their Baby Boomer co-workers. PILOT was designed to address the underlying issues that cause this widespread dissatisfaction and job-hopping culture in the American workplace by putting the employee at the center of the solution, not companies or managers. And macro-labor market changes indicate that more frequent job-switching is here to stay so employees must take greater ownership of their own personal development. 


Work With Us

How can I get involved with PILOT?

Tell us how we’re doing. As a new and lean startup, we’re constantly looking for ways we can make your experience more relevant and more meaningful to your career. Our commitment is that you experience PILOT as inspired, capable, and confident. If you have feedback, we’re all ears


How do I suggest a future product? 

We want to hear your ideas. Have a career situation you would like PILOT to help guide you with? Tell us. Have a professional goal or challenge you’re facing at work? Tell us. Want to get involved as we create and test future products? Tell us. While we don't provide situational or individual career coaching services, better understanding the real-world challenges and goals of our customers helps us create more relevant products. 


Are you hiring?

We’re always on the lookout for talented individuals to help grow our company and make our products and services better. Show us what you’ve got.


Are you looking for investors? 

Not currently. Ben believed in the market need for career advice and in PILOT's approach that he bootstrapped 100% of the cost to launch the company and worked with a phenomenal team to create PILOT features. As we learn more about our customer we may want to more aggressively scale to have greater impact in their career advancement. If PILOT resonates with you and you are interested in connecting with our team, e-mail our founder & CEO


Are you open to partnership and affiliate marketing opportunities?

Always! If you’ve got an idea on how we can work together to help our customers command their careers, let’s talk. Contact the PILOT team to get the conversation going. 


Does Ben Brooks give speeches or workshops?

Absolutely! Check out a recent talk at a DisruptHR. Ben loves speaking and leading workshops! (And he’s dang good at it!) Meeting with career professionals offline allows him and PILOT to keep a pulse on the current needs of our customers. Consider bringing Ben into your next event, conference, or offsite to energize and activate your audience.  Contact us!


Have more questions?

We are happy to answer any questions you have about PILOT for your team. Feel free to contact us directly at or click on the message button in the lower right hand corner to start an instant conversation with a member of the PILOT team.