Exhibit A: Statement of Work

Services: In exchange for the Service Fee, PILOT shall offer the following Services for up to the designated amount of Your Company's employees (each a “Licensed End User” or “member” and collectively the “Licensed End Users” or “members”) during the Initial Service Term:

  • Initial Setup:  Once members are determined, Your Company will provide PILOT with: 
    • Member names and contact information, including full name, title, desired mobile number, email address, and desired mailing address 
    • One to two Your Company's counterparts designated as the primary conduits to the PILOT team to assist with scheduling workshops, answering questions and providing assistance in ensuring technology solutions are compatible for Your Company's employees 
    • Assistance in setting the engagement schedule up front including desired start date and schedule for all meetings, workshops, and coaching sessions. Meetings and workshops will be held virtually, unless otherwise discussed and agreed upon


  • A Powerful Start with PILOT Coaching: At the beginning of the 26-week engagement, PILOT will guide members in getting started and set them up for success. These initial activities include:
    • Week 1: A Powerful Start with PILOT Pre-Work: PILOT will invite members to complete a short assessment helping us to get to know them better and helping members to set clear goals and ensure the coaching program serves them well and they get the most out of the activities.
    • Week 2: Initial Live Coaching Session: At the beginning of the engagement, PILOT will invite all members to attend a live, virtual coaching session, “A Powerful Start With PILOT”. Members attending will learn how to engage with PILOT, what it means and have the opportunity to pose questions. In addition, members will begin their first coaching series during the session and will receive live coaching and setup for the following weeks’ coaching activities. A recording of the session and a summary of the key content covered will be provided for any member unable to attend. 


  • Weekly Coaching: Throughout the Initial Service Term, PILOT will invite members to engage in weekly coaching activities. These activities include:
    • Live Group Coaching Sessions: Throughout the engagement, PILOT will offer 1-hour virtual live video group coaching sessions led by a PILOT Crew member. Each live session will introduce or summarize key content covered in the weekly coaching activities and serve to expand and elevate each member’s understanding of what it takes to create and define their career strategy, along with clear actions to take.
    • Digitally-Enabled Coaching Activities: Throughout the engagement, PILOT will engage and support members offering digitally-enabled coaching activities each week. These weekly coaching activities are designed to work with a member’s busy and demanding schedule meant to be completed in as little as 10-20 minutes. These weekly activities are delivered using a combination of email, text messaging and virtual discussions to aid in making it easy for members to engage. Some topic areas included in weekly activities include guiding members to:
      • Understand how their unique skills, experiences, values and preferences shape the way in which they work and learn how to make these explicit with others and lead to enhanced working relationships
      • Take action to identify and reinvest wasted time
      • Learn and apply new and creative ways to solve problems more effectively
      • Practice effective upward management and take action to treat their manager like a customer resulting in an improved working relationship
      • Leverage the world beyond their office walls to satisfy their career goals while benefitting the company as well
      • Take action to get a higher ROI on meetings led and attended


  • Insights & Feedback: In order to provide an understanding of how members are realizing and taking action during the coaching, PILOT will share an aggregated view of member data with you at various points throughout the engagement. These include:
    • Coaching Insights: At various points during the engagement, the PILOT team will provide aggregated analytics to you in the form of reports, along with our customized insights and suggestions. In order to maximize efficacy of our products we protect the confidentiality of the individual members by aggregating participation and response data.
    • Member Feedback: Also at various points during the engagement, PILOT will prompt members and provide them an opportunity to deliver feedback about their coaching experience and will gather member insights and actions being taken as a result of the coaching activities. Feedback and insights are shared with you by aggregating the responses of the member feedback data.


  • Close Out: At the conclusion of the engagement of the 26-week engagement, PILOT will conduct one debrief session with stakeholders and one with PILOT members. These sessions will include:
    • For Members: Review of overall learnings and advice on how to continue to command their career going forward
    • For Your Company: Discussion on overall insights and recommendations
    • For All: An opportunity to provide feedback and feature ideas to enhance the PILOT Experience


Project & Change Management: The PILOT team will take responsibility for project management and coordination of all deliverables. We will proactively update you on status of the engagement and coordinate scheduling and other operations. Further, PILOT will use reasonable efforts to provide timely troubleshooting and technology support to members as requested. PILOT will provide frequent updates, including employee participation status.

Program Start Date: Your Company agrees to commence with the above-described program no sooner than the week of October 1st, 2018 and no later than the October 15th , 2018  (the “Program Start Period”).  The first day of program commencement shall be a date mutually agreed upon by Your Company and PILOT no less than thirty (30) days prior to the first day of the Program Start Period (the “Program Start Date”). All virtual live coaching sessions will be scheduled at a mutually agreeable date and time during the Initial Service Term.

Payment Terms: The Service Fee of $594 (USD) per person, shall be paid to PILOT in immediately available funds in full no later than fifteen (15) days following the Effective Date for Services rendered during the Initial Service Term. Payments will be set up by Your Company via check, bank wire, or credit card (Amex, Visa, MasterCard) to PILOT. In the event that either: (a) Your Company fails to propose a Program Start Date in writing to PILOT no less than thirty (30) days prior to the first day of the Program Start Period; or (b) Your Company terminates this Agreement at any time up to thirty (30) days following the Program Start Date, PILOT shall be entitled to retain the full amount $594, of the Service Fee.

Intellectual Property: While any information related to your team is strictly confidential, PILOT Inc. retains the intellectual property and copyright to all deliverables, including frameworks, methodologies, processes, and other associated PILOT Inc. materials used while working with Your Company.

Other Terms and Conditions: Upon payment, this statement of work becomes a contract. All information that PILOT Inc. acquires regarding products and plans of Your Company will be treated as strictly confidential, except for information on current products and capabilities that would routinely be disclosed to analysts, consultants or the general media. Your Company agrees to be listed as a client of PILOT Inc. Additionally; a mutual non-disclosure agreement will accompany this agreement.

All Your Company employees using PILOT’s online web applications will be subject to associated terms of use, and privacy policy related to the technology (www.pilot.coach/privacy).