PILOT Member Journey


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Getting Started with PILOT

What it is:  Your PILOT Announcement Communication

How it Works:  Use PILOT's template to help leadership announce the opportunity in an engaging way.

Value:  Members invited to join PILOT feel appreciated to be a part of something unique.

IMPACT: Members feel honored, recognized and valued by you!


Building Member Anticipation

What it is:  Welcome To PILOT Message From Founder & CEO, Ben Brooks

How it Works:  Members receive immediate recognition and hear directly from Ben about their new journey with PILOT.

Value:  Members begin visualizing the impact PILOT can have for them and get excited to participate.

Member Text Message

Member Text Message

Welcome Email & Video

Welcome Email & Video

Member Primer

Member Primer

IMPACT: Drive deeper awareness of the PILOT program and intrigue members

A Powerful Start With PILOT - Activity 1 v1

A Powerful Start With PILOT - Activity 1 v1


A Powerful Start with PILOT Prework

What it is:  A Powerful Start With PILOT Prework 

How it Works: Set an individualized baseline to kickstart the PILOT experience..

Value:  Members are challenged to be introspective and think about how they approach their career development right now.

Prework Survey

week 1_survey question 1.png
week 1_survey question 2.png

Prework survey output

week 1_output.png

Impact:  Pre-coaching collection of member benchmarks and perspectives on coaching overall and key topics.

Need context around skills assessment

week 1.5- Skills Inventory.PNG

IMPACT: A portfolio mindset and recognition of subject matter expertise, encouraging teaming.


Live Coaching

What it is:  A 1-hour Live Group Coaching Session

How it Works: Members join as a cohort to engage in their first live coaching together.

Value:  Members understand how PILOT will empower them to own their own career and enhance their experience at work.

Week 2 coaching powerful start-what do you take awy pic.PNG
Week 2_A Powerful Start Live Coaching 1.PNG

Live Group Video Coaching Session

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Group Chat

IMPACT: Build connection to cohort and PILOT program

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IMPACT: Inspiring and fun! Members learn to appreciate each other’s differences.



Reclaiming Lost Time

What it is:  Identifying Your Time Leads

How it Works: Through guided questions, members analyze how they spend their time and create a personal list of where time may be misused in their normal schedule.

Value:  Members better understand where time is wasted day to day.