One-on-one Brand Crafting


One-on-one Brand Crafting


What You and Your Team Get:


  • Pre-work: Preparing for Success - Each participant will receive a dynamic online worksheet helps spur creativity and interest. They will each receive a print-out of their completed worksheet at the live workshop 


  • In-person and on-site facilitation of the Brand Crafter Workshop led by PILOT Founder & CEO Ben Brooks (three-hour workshop) 

  • Ben will help your team network and brainstorm to strengthen your team’s work, while providing feedback and facilitating discussion among the group with thought-provoking questions that will generate deeper thinking 

  • Each member of your team will walk away with a personalized “map” that they can hang in their workspace to remind them of the diversification goals they’ve set to be a stronger and happier teammate 


  • Post-work: Accountability Partner - Each participant will receive a personalized follow-up from the PILOT team to helps them stay accountable for taking action on their “map” 

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